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Feel God's love for you in this channeled meditation to feel held and to grow your feelings of Self-love, Self-worth and Self-acceptance so you can live more joyfully.

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A Personal Light Code (PLC) is a genetic code channeled specifically for you to activate your DNA to allow you to bring forward more of your gifts to the world.

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My mission is to help you live a purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful life.

One that flows with clarity, guidance, ease and abundance because you're deeply connected to Source and your Soul.

One where you feel worthy, powerful, confident and loved every day.

One where you live from your desires not obligation.

One filled with Self-trust and Self-knowing.

One where you own and claim your magificence and uniqueness. 

One where you live free of guilt, shame and apology for who you are and what you want.

One where you share your true Self with the world with fearlessness. 

One where you feel joyful every day.

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Jesus was very clear with me this morning as we walked the beach together. He said, 
“This phrase ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ whenever it is uttered means ‘Hallowed Be YOUR Name’. 
It is a celebration and reverberation of your Oneness with God and as a Light of God. It is used by me through the speaker to acknowledge your Divinity and wholeness as a Light of God. 
Revered and Respected and Loved by US. All of US - God, myself and all ascended Beings who know and claim themselves as One with God. Amen.”
This gave me a whole new perspective on this phrase that I’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times in mass growing up. It’s said about each and everyone of us - individually and collectively. It’s not just about Jesus - it’s about YOU and I.
It gave me such joy to know and claim this meaning. I’ve then said it, in my head, to every person I passed by. I felt such gratitude, appreciation and love for each of those Beings. It felt magnificent. I felt magnificent as I expressed it. And, oh, so joyful!
So, my friend, I invite you to claim this statement and new perception for yourSelf first - “Hallowed Be MY Name” and see how it feels for you. And then, if you wish, say it to others - loved ones and strangers alike - and see how that feels for you.
I’m saying it to you now. Hallowed Be YOUR Name. xo
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As conscious & awake individuals and leaders, we can’t help but process others’ energy when it’s particularly intense.
This past week I’ve been feeling the world’s anxiety as it’s been very high. I’ve also been feeling the effects of holding space for loved ones going through big shifts. Plus, I’ve claimed more of my own truth and eternal nature, which always leaves me a bit achy as my body adjusts to my new vibration. I call it ascension flu. 
In addition to achy, I also felt drained and  ended to rest quite a bit. Because of that, today I asked for a Light code to help restore my physical energy. I knew it would serve me but I also wanted it to help you out this week (and beyond), because I know you’re experiencing these symptoms in some form as well.
This code came from the Lemurians and here’s the message about it and how to use it.
“We have come, at your request, to bring you to this awareness of regeneration. It is possible to regenerate your cells when you are depleted. 
This code acts like an emulsifier in that it will take those cells that are depleted and give them a bump of energetic Light so that they may carry on and carry you forward in your mission here in the Earth. Use this code like you’d use an emulsifier. Apply when tired, drawn and worn out to plump up your energy.”
I asked “Apply?” They responded, “To your energetic heart center. Hold it there and breathe it in.”
I did this and immediately felt a burst of energy and space from my heart center outwards into my body. I could feel my cells waking up & coming to life. I breathed it in for a few minutes and felt my zest return. I felt less tired and draggy and ready to go.
Enjoy the regeneration it gives you, my friend!
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I have worked with Lorraine for several years and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! She is incredible and has a gift. She has brought me much healing when I needed it the most. She has helped me see myself for who I am when I couldn’t see clearly. She has helped me drown out the noise that prevented me from seeing my path. Her work brings in hope, love, and light. I’m grateful to her. 

Dr Kelly Lamoreaux
Dr Kelly Lamoreaux

There is no one like Lorraine!

Lorraine has helped me navigate my path to deeper understandings and opened up in my world a vast connection by tapping into my greatest resource… my SELF!!

With great admiration and sisterly love Lorraine is simply the best!

Mina F.
Mina F.

Lorraine changed my life. When I met her for the first time, I was speechless. I felt an overwhelming feeling come over me where I was meant to truly 'know' divinity. She has helped ignite my spiritual path. Her connection, acceptance, compassion, strength, joy and pure heart, I will always cherish. She helped me rediscover that we are all light beings. Without Lorraine, I would have never met Jesus Christ or the name of my spirit guide. Lorraine has true talent and is extremely gifted. Anyone would be lucky to work with Lorraine as she is truly a light warrior leaving a trail of sparkles everywhere she goes. I dedicated my first book to her as she played an important role as a spiritual teacher. Many thanks xoxo

Sandy S.
Sandy S.

Instantly I started to feel the walls come down and sink into deeper trust…I started to notice how difficult I was making my life by operating in my mind…I’ve connected with so many messages from Source that have allowed me to live in the place of joy…my relationships have expanded, my love with my partner is much more open…everything feels more peaceful and more joyful…

Robyn Savage
Robyn Savage

Lorraine creates an energetic space of pure love and divine connection that transforms me every time to an even deeper connection to my own inner wisdom. She's a Master for Masters.

Lindsay Sukornyk
Lindsay Sukornyk

When you work with Lorraine, you get so much more than you might imagine or recognize. Not only do you get her robust union with Spirit, You get her Connection, her Love, her Acceptance, her Willingness, her Compassion, her Strength, her Joy and her Knowing of You as a Divine Being – Limitless and Free! These qualities and her free gift of them are priceless.

John Mark Stroud
John Mark Stroud

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