Have you ever wanted to be on stage?

Yes? Here’s your chance.

No? How about being centre stage in your own life?

That’s what Stephen’s inviting you to this week.

He invites you to step forward in your life and suggests 4 ways you might do so.

Watch the video to learn what they are and how you can take centre stage.

Which way will you choose to claim yourSelf?

And what will you wear? Haha ?

As Stephen said, you’re never alone.

So if taking centre stage in your life feels scary, remember you’ve got help you can call on.

I’ll be cheering you on, too!

Please share the ways in which you’re going to take centre stage in your own life in the comments section below. By sharing them, you’ll be more apt to act on them. And I know you want to move forward. I look forward to hearing what you’ll do.