A Gift of Sun

Sunshine makes things better, right?

It perks you up. You feel brighter, happier, even more energetic when the sun is out, don’t you?

When it’s dark out or raining, everything seems to take just a little more effort. It can be hard to feel optimistic when there isn’t any sunshine.

We crave the sunshine.

Heck, we’ll pretty much do anything to get some, won’t we? We lay out in it to catch its rays. We travel to find it. We recreate it with sun lamps in our homes.

Stephen is bringing you your own personal sunshine this week.

Ah, the magic of Spirit. You’ve got your own personal source of sunshine. Let it shine on!

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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