Anger & A Hawaiian Shirt

When you feel angry, what do you do?

Do you ignore it? Do you push it away? Talk yourSelf out of it? Rationalize it? Welcome it?

We’re taught to fear anger.

“It’s not nice to be angry.” “Don’t be angry.” “Anger is ugly.” “Anger gets you nowhere.” 

Any of these sound familiar? We’re taught that anger is a bad thing. Something to get over quickly or suppress. Something to fear. Or, if we get angry, somehow we’ve failed spiritually.

Anger can be a gift.

Anger has come to tell you something. It’s strong, yes, and that can feel scary, but it’s strong to get your attention.

Let me be clear. I do not condone any type of violence, including violence that erupts from anger. That’s a choice someone makes when he or she doesn’t know what to do with the anger he or she feels.

But when you feel anger, you can get great insights from it, if you choose to feel it and listen to it.

Are you feeling it a little closer to the surface these days?

Stephen talks about the irritation and anger you might be experiencing in his message this week. And what it’s doing for you.

Watch the video to understand how it can help you. You’ll also hear about his Hawaiian shirt. And possibly discover what your’s looks like.

Two weeks ago, I was so angry, I wanted to yell “Shut up!” at someone.

I was attending a presentation and the presenter’s suggestions made me incredibly angry. I haven’t felt that angry in a long time.

At first, I thought “Ooh, this is bad. What if she can feel it? I should suppress it.” On my next breath, my thought was “No, this is incredibly strong and there’s a reason for it. I’m going to sit with it and see what it brings.”

It ignited a passion within me.

As I let it come fully forward, a fire lit in my belly and the anger turned to passion. I started to write down what I was feeling and all the thoughts bubbling up.

It was incredible!

I wrote through half of her presentation and for a solid 30-minutes afterwards. It clarified my thoughts around what I’ve been experiencing on my journey and how I can express the S.E.L.F. course I’m co-creating with Spirit.

Then, I wanted to thank her. And mySelf.

She was a catalyst for me. She stirred huge anger in me and I’m grateful to her for it. And to mySelf.

By letting myself feel it fully, by welcoming it, I got huge insights into my S.E.L.F., my passion, my purpose. And now I’m able to articulate my new project clearly, where before it was murky.

The gift for me was joy.

When I finished writing, in addition to gratitude to the presenter, I felt great joy. It was so great, I had to go outside and leap around. I did it in full view of a bunch of people I didn’t know. I didn’t care. It wouldn’t be contained. And I didn’t want to contain it.

It gifted others the same.

As it turned out, a number of those people told me afterward that it made them feel happy to see me leaping about. They didn’t know why and I didn’t tell them. I just said I was feeling joyful.

Stephen’s Hawaiian shirt.

I had no idea that Stephen was going to talk about anger this week. Especially when he showed up as a snowman. But I love how the imagery he used illustrated his message so well, and, that it ended with his Hawaiian shirt.

It’s not the first time he’s shown up in a Hawaiian shirt, but it is the first time I got a good look at it. And I love the symbolism of it. Bright, vibrant, joyful, unique  – it symbolizes our true nature.

My Hawaiian shirt.

My shirt is purple, aqua, pink, white and yellow. And I’m still discovering what else is on it, as I continue to discover more of my S.E.L.F.

Your Hawaiian shirt.

I hope you saw yours after listening to the message. I hope you recognize how beautiful and unique it is – a reflection of the truth of you.

And I’d love it if you’d share what your shirt looks like with me and others, in the comments box. So your beauty can be seen.

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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  1. Deborah Ann Filler

    The timing of this was truly divine…Thank you! It is my deepest desire to melt away the old and allow my true self to emerge, in all it wild and wonderful colors!
    Thank you both, for confirming what my higher self has been telling me…

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