This week, Stephen’s inviting you to his costume party.

It’s not about putting on a costume, it’s about taking one off.

Maybe one you didn’t even know you were wearing.

Watch the video to find out more.

Did you find one? Don’t worry if you didn’t. Just keep playing with it, if you want.

When I played with this a couple of years ago, I took off my Guru costume/role.

No one ever called me that and I certainly didn’t give that title to myself, but it was the costume what I was unconsciously wearing in my professional life.

I felt like I always had to have an answer – the right answer – whenever I was asked a professional question. Because, after all, I was the professional and if I was being asked, I should know, right?

And when I didn’t know the answer – wow! – the mind spin and anxiety! “I should know this. Why don’t I? What am I going to say? What’s the right answer? I’ve got to say something that’s going to help them.”

It was uncomfortable to say the least.

When I sat with it, the revelation that came was from my childhood.

When my parents asked me a question and I replied, “I don’t know” the response I got was always an angry one. “What do you mean you don’t know??!! Of course you know. Just answer me!!!”

That expectation that I had to know the answer or someone would be angry with me was imposed and I wore that costume for years.

Once I realized where it came from and that I could let it go – whew! –  huge relief.

I’m no longer wearing the “Guru” costume and I’m happy to say “I don’t know”, when I don’t know.

It’s a lot less stressful and I don’t feel bad telling people when I don’t have an answer for them.

Please share what you find, if you’d like, in the comments below the video.

I always love to hear from you and your sharing can help others not feel so alone in what they’re experiencing.