Do you ever find expectations limiting?

Like how people in your life expect you to behave, react or respond?

Maybe you’re always expected to be the one to coordinate or host family gatherings. You don’t want to, but do it because it’s expected?

Or you’re always expected to be the cheery person at work. Or the one to fix crises. Even when you don’t feel like it?

What about the expectations you have of yourself?

Do you ever feel constrained or frustrated by them?

For example, you expect yourself to always have the right answer when someone asks you a question and feel badly when you don’t.

How about expecting to always feel peaceful when you meditate? And then are annoyed with yourself when you can’t.

Mary Magdalene invites you to play with expectations this week to see what happens.

Watch the video to experience this, if you wish.

I wonder what you’ll experience if you blow expectations out of the water?

I bet more freedom and a letting go of limitations.

And not just in the moments you play with this but in other aspects of your life, too.

Have fun with it!