Got any buried or hidden treasures?

You may be thinking “Nope, I know where are all my treasure is.”

Are you sure?

Stephen isn’t talking about literal treasure – jewelry or money – in this week’s message, but about something more valuable.

He’s talking about the parts of your Self that you deny or suppress because you follow a rule or belief that you may not even be aware of.

Really sure?

Like me, you’ve probably done work on releasing and letting go of blocks or barriers. But are there things that you may not be aware of, simple things, that are keeping some treasure hidden?

Be a Pirate!

Yes, a Pirate! It may not be your top “If I could be anything..” role choice, but when you watch this video and hear Stephen’s message, you’ll understand.

Spirit Guide Stephen’s Feb.7.19 message transcript

What comes up? What gets unearthed for you when you put your pirate hat on?

For me, it was a rule I created about driving. 

I have this rule that when I’m driving, I’ll never back track – I always have to being going forward. For example, before I go out to run errands, I’ll create a route that ensures I’m never doubling back on my stops.

Seems sensible, right? No big deal, really.

Ha! When I put on my pirate hat and looked for the treasure I’d buried with that rule, I realized a number of things.

First, that this rule is about always being super efficient, not making a mistake, getting lost, or wasting time.

Second, making a mistake, getting lost, or not always being in a hurry isn’t a bad thing! Adventures happen that way. Who knows what I’ll run across, or who I’ll meet if I’m not in a hurry, or if I get lost? If I make a mistake? So what!

The treasure?

Cutting my Self some slack! Not worrying about planning my route for the most efficiency, or making a mistake, or getting lost.

Opening myself up to adventure! Now, I have a sense of curiosity as to what I’ll find if I don’t worry about backtracking.


I have no idea when I created that rule but I’m glad I put my pirate hat on and discovered it. I’m quite happy to break it!

What rules will you break?

I want to know. Please share in the comments section below.

Maybe don’t break any that will get you arrested, though. Or do! Your choice, as always!