Channeled Meditations

These guided video meditations channel Divine guidance so that you can deepen your intuition and connection to Source for more self-knowing, clarity, love and peace in order to live more joyfully and purposefully.

And all in about 10 minutes each. Check them out!

Lorraine Manners Soul Coach

Surrender, Listen, Be Still

An invitation & guided experience to surrender, listen and be still to discover, feel & claim more Self-truth, Self-love, joy, peace, abundance and embed it...
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Give the greatest gift of all – YourSelf

And do it as a butterfly! Mother Mary shares with you in this guided meditation.
Lorraine Manners Soul Coach

Detach from your expectations for greater gifts

Expectations are limiting because they arise from your limited mind. Detaching your expectations from your purpose will offer you a more limitless experience of your...
Video Thumbnail: Claim new consciousness

Claim new consciousness for more ease and flow

Use this channeled meditation to reach a new place of awareness in your divine consciousness for more ease and flow in your life. Jesus joins...
Lorraine Manners Soul Coach

Level up your Self awareness for more peace, joy and love

Discover another layer of your truth so you can abide in more peace, love, joy, groundedness and stability. And then take your new vibration into...
Lorraine Manners Soul Coach

Come into fairness within for the world’s good

Join the Goddess Minerva to come into fairness and justice within for the good of the world. And more peace and joy for you!
Lorraine Manners Soul Coach

Play with Jesus to raise the vibration of consciousness

Jesus invites you to raise your vibration and all of consciousness by playing. Join me for his message and guided experience.
Lorraine Manners, Soul coach

Move out of suffering and into manifestation

When you fight/resist/deny what you're experiencing right now, you come out of the flow of Oneness, creation and manifestation. By coming into harmony with what...
Lorraine Manners, Soul Coach

Create more love for yourself and the world out of rejection.

Jesus offers more insight on the piercing of rejection and how it helps you create more love for yourself and the world.
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