Channeled Meditations

These guided video meditations channel Divine guidance so that you can deepen your intuition and connection to Source for more self-knowing, clarity, love and peace in order to live more joyfully and purposefully.

And all in about 10 minutes each. Check them out!


Attune to Mother Earth’s Energy

As Mother Earth transforms to further our conscious awakening, she wants to help you adapt physically for an easier experience. Attune to her vibration using...

Bring Heaven to Earth & Into Your Lived Experience

Check out this guided meditation to experience more of your eternal nature to help further grow your Self-confidence and Source connection. It’s a lot of...

A Grounding Tool for Tumultuous Times

The world is changing, politically, socially, economically, energetically, and spiritually, at a rate, we’ve never experienced before. It’s intense! Between feeling the world’s anxiety at...

Discover Your Unique Gifts and Your Impact

Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough for others? Like other people give more than you and do more to change the world?...

Kickstart Your New Era

When your life feels uncomfortable because you feel caught between old beliefs or behaviors and new ones, or feel done with this stage of your...

Experience Your Impact in the World

Ever wonder what impact you have on the world? You’re one person of over 7 billion people on the planet so it can sometimes feel...

Discover More of Your True Self in Color

We often marvel at the beautiful colors of the ocean, flowers, paintings, and even clothing. But how often do you marvel at your own magnificent colors?...

Feel & Share Your Soul’s Joy Through Connection

Your true Self is limitless love, peace, wisdom, joy, and more. And your true Self is your Soul that animates your physical body. Use this...

Learn Your Soul’s Secrets

Your Soul/Higher Self/Consciousness holds all the truths about you. But, as you may know, your Soul holds your truths like secrets and only reveals them...
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