A new level of connection for you


Connecting You to Spirit

  • Can anyone talk to Spirit Guides? How do I do it?
  • Am I making these messages up?
  • Ugh. I can’t connect to my guides. My mind is getting in the way. What’s going on? Is the connection gone?
  • I want more! I love my Spirit connection but I want to go deeper and I don’t know how

If you’ve asked yourself or thought any of these things, I can help you.

I’ve asked myself all these questions on my journey. And my connection to Spirit has brought me insights, direction, comfort and peace. This connection transformed my life so much, I’ve dedicated my career to helping you get the same benefits.

Stop worrying and feel at peace!

You’re smart, successful and on a spiritual journey but you sometimes feel stuck or like you’ve hit a plateau.

I’ll act as your Spirit channel to get you:

  • Connected to Spirit
  • Back in your spiritual flow, or,
  • To your next level of connection


  • Know you’re never alone
  • Gain more understanding of your unique path
  • Overcome fears and doubts
  • Return to a state of ease and lightness of being
  • Grow & explore a new side of your Self
  • Transform into even deeper connections to your own inner wisdom and Spirit’s guidance


I connect to the Spirit realm through my Spirit Guide, Stephen (Who’s Stephen? Watch this.) and messages start to flow for you.

Your messages may come from Stephen or your Guide(s) or both. Messages come in the form of words, images and physical sensations. I share it all.

You’re guaranteed to receive messages from Spirit.*

Messages always come through. They are specific to you and come from love to help you on your journey.

Your messages from Spirit are based on NEED. You may have expectations, wants or hopes about what info you’ll get, but Spirit has the whole picture of your journey and gives you messages based on what you NEED at the time of your session.

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience. It was nothing like I expected but everything I needed and more!” Angela McNally, Toronto more testimonials

If you’re like Angela, open to Spirit’s loving, unbiased guidance and ready to connect, or take your connection to the next level, and accept the messages Spirit gives you, Stephen and I are here for you.

You can choose a 30, 45 or 60-minute Channeling session for $160, $220, $280 Canadian, tax included. You get a recording of your session, too!



*You’re guaranteed to receive messages during your session, however, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive the messages you want. Spirit bases your messages on need. As you’re guaranteed to receive messages, there are no refunds. Lorraine Manners is not a medical professional and as such doesn’t diagnose or treat any illness, disease, mental or physical ailment. A Channeling session isn’t a substitute for a medical examination or medical treatment.