Jesus/Jeshua is taking us back to childhood play this week.

It’s a game I totally forgot about.

And he offers it as a fun way to deepen our connections.

Watch out the video to find out more, if you wish.

I had so much fun filming this video and watching it again.

It reminded me of tormenting my little brother with this game. And my parents. And my older sisters. 🤣

The remembering of it made me feel giddy and like I was getting away with something naughty – just like I felt when doing it as a kid.

I’m going to play with it again with my little brother. I look forward to learning what he remembers about it.

And I love how deepening our connections can be fun and not hard work.

How did this feel for you? What memories did it evoke?

Who will you play with and deepen your connection to?

Please share with me in the comments below the video.

I’d love to know so we can deepen our connection!