Have you giggled lately? Not laughed, but giggled?

Giggling is different than laughter.

Laughter can arise out of many things. Humour – a funny joke or story can make you laugh. Misfortune – seeing someone slip or trip and fall can make you laugh. Absurdity – me wrestling with a sweater stuck around my head in a store change room recently – true story! – can make you laugh. ?

Giggling arises out of joy.

It’s what you hear when you tickle a child. Or when a child is so delighted by a new discovery and giggles escape. It’s pure joy erupting into sound.

Giggles aren’t just for kids! Wouldn’t you like to feel and express that joy?

Stephen is here to help you with that this week. And he’s brought in some comic relief. Watch and feel.


Giggle away, my friend! You’ll feel better for it.

And, if you’d like, share your giggles in the comments below.