We often marvel at the beautiful colors of the ocean, flowers, paintings, even clothing.

But how often do you marvel at your own magnificent colors? Your true Self?

Your true Self, that you are embodying in the Earth, is made of up light, yes, but it’s colorful light.

And all your colors reflect different aspects of your Self.

So why not take a moment to discover more of your true Self and marvel at your own amazing colors, right now?

This guided meditation will help you do just that.

Which one of your magnificent colors did you feel, and how was it?

What more of your true Self did you discover in this color?

As I was thinking about what I’d write to you to go along with this guided video meditation, some of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” lyrics kept playing over and over in my mind. They’re a perfect accompaniment so here they are for you:

“I see your true colors shining through….
So don’t be afraid to let them show,
Your true colors,
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow….”

Now that you know more of your true Self, please share it! 🌈

You are magnificent and your colors add joy to the world.

And, if you wish, you can continue to use this tool to discover more your true colorful Self.