Discover Your True S.E.L.F. Soul Experience

You want to discover your true Self and experience your Soul to:

  • Know and feel your true power and worth in the world and live boldly and confidently without fear, worry, guilt, shame or apology

  • Feel peaceful every day amidst the world's chaos

  • Feel true love for yourSelf and others, lessening judgment of yourSelf and others

  • Create a life that is filled with joy under any circumstances

  • Feel fulfilled and have an impact on the world

I’ve been where you are. My life looked good outwardly but I felt angry, afraid of change, the future, conflict, what others thought of me, finances – you name it! I felt guilty and ashamed when I chose myself over others’ expectations and always put myself last in all my relationships. I finally found a coach who guided me into experiencing my true Self – my Soul – and it transformed my life in a way that even finding my purpose didn’t. As a result, I stopped worrying about what others thought of me and started sharing my true Self. I no longer hid my ideas, opinions or thoughts and I started speaking up for myself. I honored myself in my choices and desires and stopped trying to win love and approval by pleasing others. My joy grew exponentially (and still does) as well as my Self-confidence. Now I share my true Self with the world with little or no self-doubt or hesitation. I’m more deeply connected to Source and my own inner wisdom and my life flows with ease, abundance and miracles.

Jesus gave me the title S.E.L.F for this program to represent “Soul Entirely Living Free”. Because our Souls are entirely free of worry, guilt, anxiety, shame, anger, embarrassment and judgment. Our Souls – our true Selves – are limitless in love, abundance, peace, joy and so much more.

I co-created this online program with Spirit. It’s pre-recorded and highly impactful because of the energy we put into it.

In this 6-week program, you’ll be guided by Spirit and myself to Discover Your True S.E.L.F. by directly experiencing your Soul’s:

  • Limitlessness: So that you can expand beyond blocks and beliefs into limitless potential, abundance, peace and creativity

  • Power: So that you can discover your true strength to know and feel unlimited Self-confidence in any situation you’re in, and live purposefully and authentically

  • Freedom: So you can live your life free of expectations and barriers that may hold you back from living the life you want

  • Joy: To be able to feel your true joy every day, even when you’re stressed, angry, sad, frustrated, upset, etc. and continually grow your feelings of joy for a more joyful life

  • Magnificence: So that you know how unique, loved and worthy you truly are. And to grow your feelings of Self-love, Self-worth, and Self-acceptance in your daily life

  • Oneness with Source: To experience the infinite love and wisdom that awaits you in the Oneness from Source and Spirit so that you never have to feel lonely again. And so that you can also get answers and clarity on your journey and path

If you’re ready to deepen your consciousness and Self-knowing in order to transform your life, my Discover Your True S.E.L.F. Soul Experience program will guide you step-by-step in fun, easy and sustainable ways, to connect, explore and experience your Soul - your true Self. All so that you can unlock your true essence, expand beyond fear, tap into your Soul's infinite wisdom for guidance, and live in the constant flow of abundance Source offers. The result? You feel joyful, purposeful and confident every day, no matter what and transform the world with your Light.

Here's what you get

Six modules (24 videos) released over 6 weeks that guide you to connect and explore 6 aspects of your Soul – your true Self - so you can grow and strengthen your Self-worth, Self-confidence, Self-love, Self-acceptance, and Self-awareness. All while lessening feelings of self-doubt, fear, worry, shame, guilt, anger, regret and more. Experience your Soul to feel and create a more joyful, loving, peaceful, purposeful, authentic, empowered and fulfilling life. And share your true Self with the world, changing its vibration with your true love, joy and peace

  • 6 bonus guided videos to enhance each of your felt Soul experiences.

  • 6 weekly support sheets to assist you between modules to further transform your life and deepen your consciousness.

  • Downloadable Mp3 recordings of Spirit guided Soul sessions to keep and use forever to continually deepen your Self-knowing and conscious awareness.

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee | Privacy Guaranteed | 100% Secure Information


“I never would’ve guessed that something pre-recorded could be so useful or powerful.”

Tina B.
Tina B.

S.E.L.F. helped me feel more like me. I'm now grounded in the knowing that whoever I am, and whatever I offer, is enough. I feel like I'm more in the flow now. Things come at me and I know I can handle them.

It's amazing how information is coming through and helping me make big decisions about my work. I have some fears and concerns, but they're so small!

My worries about what other people think have reduced. I'm bolder, but also more subdued, too, because I no longer feel like I have to put on a show for anyone else.

I feel energized now instead of feeling drained like I did before, even though I've done a lot of different energy work. I'm more excited about what's coming and it feels WONDERFUL!

Olwen W.
Olwen W.

I do feel a balance and calmness now in my life. Honestly, after doing the Discover Your S.E.L.F. modules I feel less stressed and fear is slowly disappearing. I feel more confident and feel strongly that things will work out. I feel like I have a deeper spiritual awareness and I’m getting messages clearly. One of the things I asked for was inner peace and I finally feel at peace.” 

Ashna L.
Ashna L.

"I am mySELF.

I can’t fully express in words how grateful I am to you for this program. It was so effortless moving through the Discover Your S.E.L.F. exercises I didn’t fully realize the impact it was having until I looked back. My guidance is feeling clearer - YAY! - especially regarding my work path. I know it’ll keep expanding, too!

I’m now recognizing whenever my “make it happen” habits/patterns show up and am gentle with myself when they do. And then I return to the flow."

Lacey J.
Lacey J.

"The top 3 intentions that I set for out for myself at the beginning of the course were definitely realized and I noticed a big shift in how I feel.

I’m less judgmental of others and now see them as part of the Oneness.  I’m now free of the uncertainty and worry associated with money and my worth around money. I'm now living more in the moment and I’m no longer locked into “gotta get this done today and what else do I have to accomplish?” It’s so LIBERATING!

The Discover Your S.E.L.F. course was something I looked forward to every week, wondering what aspect I would learn about. I often use the notes I made along the way in my daily meditation practice."

Alenka M.
Alenka M.

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