Do you ever feel guilty or worry about what others think when you “do you”?

You know the phrase: “Do You”

A popular adage to encourage you to be yourself, make choices that are good for you, and take actions that are best for you.

Do you ever feel guilty when you “do you”?

When you make choices that are best for you but may impact others in a way they don’t like?

Or worry about what others would think if you really shared your true Self?

I get it. It’s not like we live in a vacuum.

We’re all part of a larger group – whether it’s a family, community, society, culture, race, and most definitely a soul collective – and our choices and actions affect others.

And those others may not like our choices or actions or who we are.

So how do you do more you – act for yourself, choose for yourself, be yourself – without feeling guilty or worrying about what others think?

Make like a cell!

I know it sounds odd but you’ll understand after this guided meditation experience. Join with me now and find out how!


This may take a bit for your mind to absorb and that’s okay.

Once it does, I wonder how it’ll unfold in your life experience?

Definitely with less guilt and worry, and a lot more joy for sure!

Enjoy doing more YOU!