Mind grind – the constant monitoring, evaluating and correcting of thoughts.

Trying to make all our thoughts the “right” ones, or “positive” ones is exhausting and frankly impossible.

It’s like a rottweiler trying to catch its tail. Going in circles constantly with no success.

Here’s a fast and effective way to ease mind grind and feel truly powerful, worthy, magnificent, self-loving, joyful and peaceful – your true Self – your Soul – at the same time!

I do this almost everyday. And some days I do it A LOT!!!

But who cares? No one is counting but me and really is there a number of times I’m allowed to do it before it’s “bad?”


And now I view mind grind as a gift because it reminds me to focus on my true Self – my Soul.

And the more I do, the more powerful, magnificent and worthy I feel which gives me more self-confidence and grows my sense of self-worth.

Which makes me feel more love for mySelf. And in turn, because I feel more loving towards mySelf, I feel more loving towards others. 

And, I also feel more joyful and peaceful.

So, really it’s a win-win!

And the more I feel my Soul and all my true power, peace, self-love, joy, etc., the more I see those qualities manifest in my life and my life flows with way more ease and way less effort. And a lot more abundance!