We’re certainly experiencing some interesting times right now, aren’t we?

How’re you doing amidst all the growing uncertainty that surrounds Coronavirus/COVID-19?

Is the news making you a bit worried?

Are you picking up the energy of others that are worrying?

Maybe you’re doing just fine but are tired of the relentless conversations/news cycle about the pandemic?

Spirit’s not only offering you a break from this but the opportunity to thrive during this time.

Watch the video to experience it, if you wish.

Aaah. I don’t know about you, but being reminded of my infinite Self and experiencing it, brings me into feelings of joy.

And it feels really good. Thriving rather than just surviving.

I’m taking my joy out into the world as I go for a walk or visit with neighbours, friends and family.

Not by trying to convince anyone that we’ll be okay, or to remind them that they’re an eternal being but simply dwelling in the Oneness and joy and letting it radiate out through smiles, saying “Hello”, and sharing my energy.

When you rest in this marigold field of oneness, peace and love, how do you experience it?

I’d love to know, and your sharing of it can help us all. So please comment below the video