This message reminds me a bit of Stephen’s first one of the new year.

And not just because he has you riding another animal!

It’s because that one was about taking this year step-by-step – slowly, methodically – in order to soar.

And we’re certainly in a time right now where that’s all we can really do.

And yet, maybe you’re like me and sometimes finding patience elusive.

Wanting to soar now rather than walk.

Wondering when the heck the thing you’re wanting or waiting for is going to materialize.

This week’s video is designed to help us experience the beauty in our lives, right here and right now – not at some distant future point.

Watch it, if you wish, to discover beauty in your life right now. And to take a ride on a camel!

What beauty did you discover on your camel ride?

I found hearts everywhere. Reminding me of the love and joy in the present moment.

Please share the beauty you discovered on your trek with Stephen in the comments below. After all, we can all use more beauty!

And if you want to (re)watch Stephen’s first message of 2020, you can do so here.