Jesus (or Jeshua as I call him) has shown up for you in this video. And he brought a friend.

I was expecting Stephen, as you can see at the start of this video.

The size of the first yawn should’ve clued me in to what was coming.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

Could you feel the water?

I love how Jeshua/Jesus led you to experience your power and limitlessness.

How does that feel for you?

How does it feel to know Jeshua/Jesus sees you as his equal?

The first time he made this invitation to me, to know my power and limitlessness, to know myself as his equal, I was eager but also intimidated.

How could I be Jeshua’s equal?

The more time I spent with him, resting my awareness in my power and limitlessness, the more I knew this truth.

I didn’t have to live his life, or follow his footsteps to be his equal.

I don’t have to achieve “great” things – whatever those things might be – to be his equal.

God created us all equal.

Jeshua is inviting you to know this truth.

To know your power and limitlessness as a holy divine being. As Christ.

And the best thing?

He’s there to help you whenever you ask.

It’s always your choice.

Will you accept his invitation?