Spirit Guide Stephen is back this week.

It feels like a long time since he’s brought you a message.

And he’s his usual playful self.

He wants to take you deeper into the Sea of Knowing so you can experience your true essence and deepen your connection and communion with the Oneness.

If you want to join him on this adventure, please watch the video.

Don’t you love how playful Stephen is? I do.

And again this week, another tool to use in so many ways beyond this week – to help with loneliness, to deepen communion with Spirit, to get insights and to experience your true essence and uniqueness.

So, how did it feel to you to be submerged in the Oneness?

And how did you experience your uniqueness while feeling part of the whole of creation?

Please share in the comments below the video. I’m always curious and fascinated to hear about your experience.