First of all, ask yourself where you’re choosing from when you wouldn’t choose something. Most likely the answer is “my mind”. Of course our minds wouldn’t choose experiences we consider challenging, painful, difficult, sad, etc. Your Soul – which knows it’s entirely safe, expansive, limitless and fearless – is choosing these experiences. That’s why things happen “for” us, not “to” us. Our Soul knows that our human being is going to have a gift out of that experience. Maybe it’s claiming more of our self-worth, maybe it’s knowing more self-love or self-confidence. Maybe it’s changing of perception. Maybe its knowing yourself as eternal. The possibilities are limitless. The gift may come immediately or it may take some time. If you’re open and willing to receive it – by that I mean, accept that the experience may not have been one your mind would’ve chosen but accept that a gift is coming – you’ll realize it faster than if you sit in victim energy of “why me?”