It’s the difference between having a meal cooked for you and learning to cook.

In regular channeling sessions, I make the connection to Spirit/Soul for you and pass you the messages. You may feel sensations during a session.

In “S.E.LF.: Your Soul Experience”, Spirit & I guide you to make your own connection to your Soul. You experience your Soul/Self and get your own insights about yourSelf. You then have the felt experience and know-how to connect, explore and live from your Soul awareness for the rest of your life.

You can still come for channeling sessions after taking “S.E.L.F.: Your Soul Experience”. We all like to have someone cook for us once in a while, don’t we? I do! Sometimes having someone guide you to another level of your Soul is helpful. I have someone do it for me when I feel stuck. The guidance may give you answers through me, may lead you to your own answers, or be a combination of both.