You’re not missing anything. The answer may not have come yet. Don’t be discouraged. Occasionally, it can take time for insights to come – it could be minutes, hours, days later – but it will come. It just means you don’t need that insight/answer right then. It’ll come and you won’t miss it! You can’t miss anything that is for you.

It may also come in a way you don’t expect. Maybe you were expecting a word and got an image instead. Or a sound or feeling. Or it may have come so quickly you discounted it. If that’s the case, ask again.

Maybe you were using a tool to help (which is perfectly fine! :)) like a deck of cards didn’t get answer right then. For example, you pulled a card to find an answer and it said “Ask your body”. You asked your body but didn’t feel like the body answered. First of all, be aware that the card said “ask” it didn’t say your body would answer. Then, be open to how the message/answer will come. Maybe it’ll come in something someone says to you or shares with you. Maybe you’ll get an email that has an answer or see a sign or poster with the answer. You may not recognize it the first time or even the second. But your Soul and Spirit will keep sending it to you until you get it. And when you get the answer, you’ll know it and it’ll be undeniable.