We often react to situations or others with “Fine, I didn’t care, anyway!” or “I don’t need you, anyway”, or “You hurt me, I’ll hurt you back.” Like a wounded child.

This type of response often arises out of lack as a child. Maybe it’s a lack of recognition, respect or love. It can be anything.

Try this:

Ask yourself “What did that little girl/boy lack?”

And see what comes up.

Try not to fall into victim mode here. What I mean is thinking “oh that poor little girl/boy” or “poor me”.

The past can’t be changed and it had a purpose.

Rather look at it as information gathering.

You’re wanting insight on what your child self lacked.

One you get that insight, ask yourself “Do I have this now? Can I give myself this now?”

And know the truth of your now Self. This will allow you to release lack of the past and you’ll find you’ll react very differently in similar situations going forward.

This doesn’t have to take a long time. So if you find yourself sitting with it and feeling like you’re not getting anything, let it go for a bit, trusting it will come up later when your mind is ready for it.