You may be experiencing questions like “Am I a fraud? Am I genuine? Is my power less because I’m doubting myself?”

I know how you’re feeling. And it’s uncomfortable! But I can tell you from experience that it will lessen and that it also doesn’t have to be uncomfortable for long.

Here’s what’s happening – the mind is trying to regain/retain control out of fear – it’s been in control for so long (lifetimes) that it’s afraid to let go. So it throws up questions around lack, worthiness, success and authenticity, etc.

We see these questions and feelings that arise as failure – we’re not getting our Soul awareness perfect! Or “I shouldn’t feel this way because I’m living from my Soul awareness and I should only feel powerful, loved, grounded with no self doubt”. And of course, we embark on our journey to Soul awareness so that we will feel grounded in our power and worth, love and peace, all the time.

This journey will lessen all self-doubt, feelings of lack, fear of being a fraud or inauthentic but we’re still human with a mind so these questions will come up – less frequently and with less impact for sure – but they come up as an invitation to deepen.

Think of this – when children are learning to walk, they stumble and fall, right? And when they do, we don’t chastise them, we encourage them. And the stumbling and falling decrease and so do the tears that come with it. And then they learn to run! Yes, with some stumbling and falling and tears but you know as an adult that dissipates, too. Yep, we still stumble or trip as adults but we don’t cry, or forget how to walk or run, we just carry on, maybe a little more carefully.

This is the same. You pay attention to when this comes up and think of it as an opportunity to deepen. How?

By asking yourself these questions of your Soul/at your Soul level:

“Why am I feeling like a fraud right now?” “Is it true?”

“Why am I feeling a lack of xxx?”

“Is my power less because I’m doubting myself?”

“Am I being genuine?”

And so on – with whatever your mind is bringing up that is making you doubt yourself.

And let your Soul answer – you’ll know the truth of it through how it feels – deep and right.

Everyone on a soul/spiritual journey faces these moments so please don’t think you’re failing. Don’t let anyone tell you they don’t have these moments. They’re either lying or hiding from it. Again, it’s an invitation to go deeper and know more truth about yourself.

This will lessen and when the questions and feelings do come up, they won’t last long at all. Because it’s like “ah, more deepening. What’s the gift here?” attitude and insight comes quickly. I speak from experience!