Experiencing emotions out of the blue can take you by surprise at first, especially if it’s an emotion you don’t often experience.

As you start exploring and experiencing your Soul, things from your unconscious come up to be acknowledged and released.

Please don’t be afraid of these emotions – you have the power to face them and learn from them. They’re bringing you valuable information that helps you know more of yourSelf. And get to more joy, peace and love.

Once you get the information, the emotion moves on.

The first thing to do is acknowledge it and you can do this by naming it. Saying it out loud or writing it down is most effective.

Then sit with it. By this I mean allow it. Don’t shove it down or ignore it. It’s only going to come back and come back stronger. And if some emotion is repressed for a long time, it often turns to illness.

Ask, “What do you have to tell me?” or “What’s this about?”

Then trust that the truth – revelation about it – will come to you when you’re ready and that it’ll be unmistakable.

It can come very quickly or it might take some time. Either is fine. It comes when you’re ready.

If you don’t get the insight immediately, that’s okay. Don’t judge yourself. Let it be.

No need to poke at it or probe it.

It’s like a cake baking. When you put it in the oven you trust that it’s going to bake. You don’t check it every 5 minutes to see what’s going on it. You trust that when the timer goes off, it’ll be done.

The big step is being aware of the emotion and acknowledging it – you’ve made the cake batter, so to speak.

Let the emotion be (bake), and when you’re ready to know the root of the emotion, the revelation will come in a way you can’t miss – like you can’t miss an over timer buzzing.

The emotion will then move on and you get to choose what you do with the insights.

The more that you live from your Soul awareness, there’ll less confusion, judgment and/or fear when a strong emotion or something unexpected arises. Your attitude changes to one of “oh, what gift is this bringing?”

And information comes up that you may or may not have been aware of so you can release it, as it’s blocked your access to your true joy, love and peace.

And once you know it, you can choose to release it and then your Self-knowing, joy, love, peace and conscious awareness deepen.