No, you’re not doing anything wrong. There are times when it may feel like you can’t get past barriers that your mind is putting up. Try giving up any expectations you may have (they may be subtle) about how and when the insight will come and what it’ll be. For example, if you have a time limit – that is, you’ve decided you have get clarity by a certain date, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Let go of when clarity has to come. Don’t beat yourself up, either. You’re not doing anything wrong. Just keep using breath to rest in your Soul awareness and you’ll find the feelings of struggle/discomfort won’t last as long as they has in the past. Sometimes there are periods of irritation/struggle/discomfort when you’re about to shift to another level. It’s like a kaleidoscope – it scrambles between patterns but each successive pattern is more complex and beautiful. Try to rest in the space with patience and the knowing that another level of awareness is coming. Being curious can help. Wonder about what is coming. You may find your body is asking for rest in that you feel achy or want to sleep more. Honour that. It means you’re in a shift and another level of awareness is coming. Remember you don’t have to figure it alone either. Call in help – your Guides, loved ones (living and passed). And expect miracles!