Yes, it is kind of like a growing pain.

Resistance comes up to show you where you’re holding onto something that no longer serves you as your conscious awareness deepens.

Please don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up for experiencing it.

It doesn’t mean that you’re failing your spiritual journey.

It’s bringing a gift – more Self knowing and something old that you get to release.

Which in turn allows you to go deeper into your Soul, your true Self, and find more knowing and joy.

When resistance comes up, breathe into it, rather than through it.

Breathing through it is like trying to get past it – enduring it until it ends.

Which is like trying to deny that it’s there.

That only works temporarily.

In the end, it won’t be denied and will keep coming back until you look at it.

Breathing into it will give you the gift.

Breathe into it and ask “What is this? What’s it about? What does it feel like? (texture, emotion, temperature) Look like? (colour, shape) What’s it got to tell me?”

It’s very helpful to ask these questions to yourself out loud and answer them out loud or write the answers down, as you breathe and feel into them.

Keep breathing into it and feeling it until you feel like you’ve gotten all the insights it has to offer.

Then it will be gone and you’ll feel much lighter.