Everyone experiences negative self talk in their minds.

Some more than others.

So how do you lessen it?

Well, the pat answer is to love yourSelf.

But how do you do this so it’s effective?

By actually feeling Self love.

Cause when you feel something – have the experience of it – it changes everything.

When you feel the love for yourSelf from your Soul/Higher Self/Christ Self (whatever you call it), self acceptance and self confidence grow.

You recognize that you don’t have to do, achieve, be or change anything to feel and know it.

And the more you feel it, the perception you have of yourself changes.

You become more accepting of yourSelf – as you are.

You recognize how awesome you are and your self confidence grows.

And with more self acceptance and self confidence, the negative self talk in your head diminishes.

How do I know?

Because I feel into this Self love often and I’m living with less negative self talk as a result.

The making of this video highlighted this truth for me.

I had to film it three times

The first time – no sound.

I figured my mic connections weren’t tight enough so I redid them.

The second time – no sound again.

And then I realized that I’d set the mic up backwards.

And not once did I hear in my mind “You’re so stupid” Or, “How could I be so dumb?” “How could you get this wrong?”

I didn’t feel any frustration either.

I thought “Huh, guess I’m filming again.” and felt joyful and then laughed out loud when I finally figured out the problem.

So how do you feel this love?

This guided video meditation will guide you into feeling yours.

Check it out now.

Did you feel the total love and acceptance for you – just as you are?

How yummy was it?

Share with me in the comments below.