It’s time to shake it!

Stephen brings you a shake-fest this week so you can feel the energy and joy you create in the world when you take time to move for yourSelf.

If you want to experience the joy in movement, watch the video.

If you want laugh at all the ways Stephen has me shaking it, watch the video ;)

What did you shake?

There are so many types of ways to move and create energy, aren’t there?

I’m going to bet that you’ll be thinking more about the energy you’re putting out there the next time you dance or jump or do anything.

Maybe you’ll even shake it a bit when you walk.

I sometimes do a little boogie to my music when I’m out walking to share some joy with whoever might be around.

And I don’t even care if they think I’m strange!

Because it feels so damn fun and, of course, joyful.