This guided meditation experience  feels a little like bringing heaven and earth together.

Aligning your Soul/Spirit/Higher Self and your physical body.

I spent a long time denying my body – I just wanted to be done with it and live totally free in my Soul only.

I don’t mean this in the way where I was depressed and wanted to end this life as Lorraine.

It was about knowing the limitless and freedom of my Soul and feeling constricted by my physical body.

What was really going on was that I believed my choice to be incarnate was somehow lesser than being free of a body.

When I accepted that my being here, in body, as Lorraine, was as powerful a choice as being only in Spirit, it totally changed my outlook.

I no longer felt constricted or limited by my physical body and that it was a burden I had to bear until I could be totally in Spirit.

And, I released the belief that somehow I wasn’t spiritual enough – didn’t get something “right” – and that was why I was still reincarnating.

I didn’t even know that belief was there but when it came to my conscious mind’s awareness, I could see how deeply it was affecting me.

Once I was aware of it, I acknowledged it and then chose to release it.*

I was elated to let go of it!

And the freedom I felt!

Wowza 🤩

Now, I take a lot of joy in my body and being physically here in the world.

It’s brought me additional peace and a deeper understanding of how I use my physicality to shine my light and truth in the world.

I want the same for you – to embrace your physical being with joy and understanding of how it’s a tool to shine your light – because I believe it’ll bring you more joy.

This week’s video will help.

It grounds your Root and Sacral chakras and brings your Soul/Spirit/Higher Self and your body into deeper alignment.

If this something you’d like to do and experience, check out the video!

How was that for you?

How have you been using your body to shine your light?

How do you think you’ll use it going forward?

Will there be any difference?

Or more of what you’ve already be doing?

Or both?

I wonder???

So don’t leave me in suspense!

Share with me in the comments below!