A big part of my spiritual focus is on ease, not effort.

When I’m resting in, and living from my Soul awareness and my power, everything flows with ease.

Tasks are easier and go more quickly.

Like creating this post and uploading it to various platforms. :)

Things that I need show up with no effort on my part.

Right now for example! As I was writing that last line, my brother showed up out of the blue with dinner for me. A huge gift as cooking is not my favourite activity and I didn’t have anything made. 
This is not how I was raised. Or what society would tell you.

My parents always told me, “if something is worth doing/having, you have to work hard for it”.

And we all know the “no pain, no gain” aphorism.

Now, I’m just enjoying the ease of everything, without guilt.

Which is why I loved this week’s message. 

We can have help and bypass the “difficult” if we choose.

We don’t have to suffer, unless we choose to.

I’d rather live with ease and rest in the calmness of that energy.

How about you?

Which would you choose?

If you want a free ride through these uncertain times, then watch this week’s video.

So there you go, a free pass through whatever is coming next in the world.

I hope you’ll join me in ease and flow. 

It’s a great place to BE!