How’re you doing amidst the changes taking place in our world?

It’s impossible to know what’s next, isn’t it?

Restrictions changing, no set deadline for our self-imposed isolation to end.

The wondering about what’s next can occupy a lot of your mind.

And can cause a lot of worry and fear.

So what’s the solution?

Present moment awareness.

I used to hate the saying “all you’ve got is this moment” because my mind really liked to live in the future.

But now we’re finding out how true that is, because the future is truly unknowable.

It always has been, but this situation with Covid-19 is really driving this truth home.

Stephen leads you through an exercise this week to help you experience present moment awareness so you can find freedom from worry about the future (and past angst).

Watch the video to find it.

I really like this gift from Stephen because it’s elegant in it’s simplicity.

It focuses your awareness in what’s always present and, with his suggested question, gives your mind something to do in that present moment.

How was it for you?

How did freedom feel as you did this?

What truth did you find about yourSelf in that moment?

Please share in the comments below as your experience can inspire someone else.