If you were offered a choice between struggle and ease, which would you choose?

Which are you choosing on your spiritual journey?

Moses would show you how to choose ease, if you want to watch this week’s video.

It’ll help you uncover more of your own inner truth.

What happened for you with this internal reflection?

What did you find out about what brings you joy?

Do you deny yourself joy? If you do, did you find out why?

I used to deny my own brand of joy and way of knowing, because I thought other spiritual teachers knew more than I did.

That their experiences were somehow “better” than mine.

So I thought I should try to have the same experiences they did to deepen my consciousness.

But the more time I spent exploring my Soul – my truth – the more I knew my own magnificence.

And, as a result, the less I felt like I had to study or replicate other leaders’ experiences because theirs’ were somehow “better” than mine.

Now, I’m no “guru” that never struggles, so yes, every once in a while, I’ll see or hear about someone’s great revelation and think “Wow, that’s amazing. Why aren’t I experiencing that? Maybe I should do what they did to get more.”

When that happens, (and it happens with less frequency the more I turn to my Self), I (re)turn to my own inner flow and find my own truth and joy.

Sometimes I’ll play with a friend to deepen my own knowing because it’s fun to play with others and not always do it by mySelf.

You don’t always have to find your own truth by yourSelf.

Playing with others can bring ease and connection and community.

Think of these videos like playing with a friend – you’re not doing it alone.

But you’re finding your own unique truth – not someone else’s.

So here’s to you, as you deepen your own awareness and knowing of your truth. 🥂

And thank you for helping the collective consciousness return to Source.