Fear in the world has existed since the world began.

It may feel like it’s particularly rampant right now with the spread of the Coronavirus/Covid19.

What is your level of fear right now?

Low? Medium? High?

Is it fear about coronavirus, the environment, scarcity, love, fear itself?

All of the above or something else?

Whatever it is and wherever you’re at, this week’s message from Spirit offers you help, if you want it.

And if you’re not feeling fear at all (Hooray!) this week’s video shows you how you can help dispel fear in the world.

Watch the video to find our more.

How’s your level of fear now?

Gone, I hope.

And if you choose to be an angel of mercy, love and peace in the world, thank you.

I’m shining and sharing my light with the world and with you so please feel free use it, if you wish.

Please share your experience in the comments below because it can be very helpful for others.