This message from Jesus offers a big shift in how you approach and experience your life.

He guides you through the experience of making decisions from your Soul/Heart.

It helps you tap into your true power and can change your outlook and how you feel.

It can help you navigate your life and the world with much more ease.

If you’re interested, check out the video.

What wave are you experiencing in your life right now?

When I did this, the wave that came at me was the business advice from experts about having to be active on certain types of social media.

When I made the decision from my Soul, I realized I don’t have to do what feels inauthentic to me. That is, there are certain types of social media that I don’t enjoy participating in. I decided that as they don’t feel right to me, I’m not going to participate in them just to further build my business.

That felt freeing to me. And powerful to make a choice that’s right for me and not based on what the world believes or promotes.

How did being the Captain shift how you’ll navigate your wave?

What colour will you/did you paint your ship?

Please share in the comments below the video – everyone likes to hear other’s stories! It helps us feel connected.