Why is that so many of us equate asking for help as a weakness?

I don’t know the answer, but I’m certainly guilty of this myself.

And it’s been brought home to me how guilty, in the last 2 weeks.

You see, I fell Friday before last and broke all three bones in my ankle.

It’s been a great experience in so many ways. One being, that asking for help is a joy.

I’ve always hated asking for help. I always wanted to figure everything out for myself.

This experience forced me to ask for help of family and friends – to get places, to feed me, to shop for me and so on.

And it’s been a joy!

It feels¬†great to be taken care of and know so many people are willing to help me. I’m experiencing deep gratitude for their willingness and assistance.

I’m also feeling joyful in giving others an opportunity to help. I know when I can do something to help someone else, I feel great. Don’t you? So in allowing others to help me, I know I’m gifting them that experience.

Why am I sharing this? Not for sympathy – I don’t need it. As I said, it’s been a great experience on so many fronts.

I’m sharing this because Stephen’s message to you this week, is about asking for help.

He paints a picture that illustrates so effectively of how your life can be easier when you ask for help. Watch the video to find out more.

This video was also a good reminder for me to ask Spirit more often for help. That I don’t have to figure things out by myself.

What will you ask for help with, to make your life easier? And who will you ask?

Please let me know either in the comments below the video or by email as I’m always interested to know more about you and your journey.

If you’re curious about the other gifts my broken ankle has given me, head to my¬†FaceBook page. I posted my experience and gifts there.

Here’s to life made easier!