Do you ever feel exhausted from trying to keep up with all the world’s changes?

Jesus wants to help you navigate this, if you’d like.

Check out the video to find know more.

Did you find it comforting to know you don’t have to keep track or keep up with all change?

Did you find it comforting to know you’re being guided through change?

You might not be the pilot when it comes to world changes but you still have a role, because you always have a choice.

To keep tabs on all change or not. To be guided or not. To choose how you respond.

I stopped keeping tabs on the world’s changes almost 20 years ago after 9/11.

It freed up a boatload of stress for me.

And I haven’t felt like I’ve missed anything relevant to my life or journey.

Everything I’ve needed to know about the world’s changes has been brought to me through others, exactly when I needed it.

So you can trust that it will be the same for you.