Recently, my friend John Mark asked me this question:

“Do you know before you make a video what the message is going to be about?”

“No freaking clue”, was my response.

Most of the time I don’t even know who’s going to give the message, until I start the video and start yawning.

And I have no idea what’s coming until I start channeling the message.

This week was a little different.

Sometimes the guide pops in before I start the video and this was one of those occasions.

Mother Mary arrived and I could feel her gentle, loving energy beside me.

It was so comforting.

You’ll get to experience it, too, through this video.

She brings you a simple but extremely powerful tool to know and claim your magnificence.

So you can walk in the world shining your light and sharing your true Self.

Check the video out if you wish to feel her energy and find out what she’s offering you.

How did you find that?

Do you think this is a tool you’ll use?

I can tell you from experience, it grounds you immediately and empowers you to live authentically and share your true Self with the world.

Please share with me what you experienced in the comments below.

I love hearing about how these messages impact you.