How’re you doing these days?

Are you feeling grounded, peaceful, joyful?

Or the opposite?

I’m feeling very joyful and am dancing and singing, a lot.

But there are moments when I find myself getting caught up in the temptations of the world and forgetting my truth and my joy.

My temptation is the Covid thing – all the restrictions make me cranky and wind me up.

When I become aware that I’ve gotten caught up “in the scenery” of the world as Jesus/Jeshua puts it this week, I quickly move my awareness into my Soul and come back to my Self, my truth and my joy, love and peace.

What’s your temptation that moves you out of your truth?

Do you want some help with taking control of your life and how it feels?

If you do, check out this video. Jesus/Jeshua shows you how.

This message is a great reminder that we’re in the world, but not of the world and that we have the freedom and power to choose how we experience it.

So, however, you felt your horse – fast, slow or somewhere in between – I hope you get it to the speed you desire and enjoy your life’s ride.