Have you ever experienced a sudden smell that came out of nowhere?

Maybe a scent you associate with a loved one?

After my Dad passed on from his body, I would get a whiff of cigar smoke every now and then. He’d quit smoking cigars a few years before he passed, but it’s a scent I still associate with him. He was just letting me know he was around. (Now he makes me sneeze!)

We know that our sense of smell is very strongly related to memories but it’s also connected to our intuition.

And it can be strengthened just like any other part of our intuition, by giving it some attention.

Stephen gives you this opportunity in this video – in more ways than you might expect. Hint – smell isn’t always related to a scent. ;)

Watch the video to discover for yourself.


Well??? What did you smell? Either with the gift Stephen gave you or what he led you to discover in your own life?

Please share it in the comments section below. Sharing helps others have “a-ha” moments. And I always love to hear about your experiences.