Your Soul/Higher Self/Consciousness holds all the truths about you.

But, as you may know, your Soul holds your truths like secrets and only reveals them when your body mind is ready for them.

No matter how much you want to know or discover something specific about your life or just find out more about your true Self, your Soul won’t give up it’s “secrets” (knowledge, really) until your physical self is ready for them.

Good news!

Your Soul wants to share one with you now!

Join me in this guided video meditation to find out what your Soul wants you to know right now.

And learn the tool to use to keep finding out more of your Soul’s secrets.

Well??? What more of your truth did you discover?

If you wish, please share in the comments below the video as I always love to hear from you and what you’re finding out about yourSelf.

And now that you’ve had this experience, you’ve got the tool to use whenever you want to learn what other secrets your Soul has to share with you.

My only advice when you do is to not hold any expectations about what the truth coming forward is going to be about.

That way you won’t limit what it is your Soul wants to share.

Have fun and enjoy knowing more of your true Self!