Love & Connection

Love. ❤️

No matter how much we have, we always want more, don’t we?

It’s not just a human desire.

The desire to love others and have others love you is your Soul’s desire, too.

So why are we always looking for love?

Stephen and guest explain. Watch the video to learn about what drives your search for love. It’s normal! And get ready for a love sandwich from Stephen & Jesus ;)

Ah, love without expectations. Feels so good!

Please keep seeking love and connection! You’ll continue to grow as you do and gift others at the same time. A win-win!

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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