Make Room For Joy

Do you have a hard time finding joy?

I’ve found myself singing the phrase “Joy to the World”, out loud, over and over again, these last few weeks. In the privacy of my own home, of course, so I don’t deafen people ;). I just can’t help myself!

Think you need something special to happen to feel joyful?

Nothing special has happened – I’m just feeling joyful. I’m resting my awareness more and more on my Self – my Soul – and it’s pure joy. Some days it makes me break out into song.

You don’t. Joy, like Love, is your essential nature.

This may seem hard to believe, especially if you’re finding joy in short supply in your life right now. But at your essence, in the truth of who you are – a Soul – joy and love and peace is all there is. It’s always there. It’s a question of where you place your attention.

Some days, it starts as a quiet hum.

For me, it feels like it’s playing in the background. Like a quiet vibration or like a joy thread twanging through my being.

The first time I felt it, I searched my mind and memory for whatever “good thing” had happened that made me feel this way. And then I realized it wasn’t because anything special or good had happened, it was the truth of my being coming forward.

Some days, it’s loud!

When I turn my full attention to it, it picks up and I just have to boogie. ??

Last week I had a 70’s dance party in my kitchen because my body wanted a way to express my joy. I FaceTime’d my friend John Mark to join me because I knew he’d joyfully boogie with me. Plus, it’s always fun to share the joy.

Sometimes, it feels like it’s disappeared.

When I get angry or upset or disheartened by something, it can feel like joy is gone or it’s far away. It’s not. That’s impossible. And eventually I remember that and tune into it, by turning my attention to it. Or by taking the advice Stephen and friend have in this video. And it’s always right there, waiting.

The anger and sadness might still be there but the joy is underlying it. And while the anger and sadness eventually pass, the joy remains. Because joy is part of your Soul’s essential nature.

When do you make room for joy in your life? Do you let it in only in good times? In celebratory times? What about in tough times?

Stephen and Jesus are here for you this week with a tip about finding and feeling joy in trying times. And, of course, Stephen has a hat for it!

The more you allow for joy, the easier it is to feel.

I had to get up early this morning. Not my favourite thing at all. I woke up cranky and resentful about it. Started my morning that way, but it wasn’t long before I could feel joy’s hum.

I’ve been resting my awareness on that part of my being so much, it’s like I can’t ignore it anymore. Even if I wanted to! So I chose to turn my attention to joy and let the crankiness pass. Felt so good!

I hope this is something you will try for your Self. At any time! 

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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