1-1 Masters Coaching Program

My 1-1 Master's Coaching program is for you when you're ready to step into your next level of conscious leadership. You're ready to embody more of your Higher Self in your personal and professional lives on a consistent basis. You're feeling the call to take your purpose driven work to the next level with more passion, connection and impact on the Collective.

This program is guided, channeled coaching that's tailored to meet you where you're at and take you where you want to go. Session by session, we'll help you claim more of your truth and expand your magnificence so that you can step further into your power as a conscious leader in this lifetime. You'll embark on a journey of soulful Self-discovery and confidently bring more of who you are and what you stand for into your life and work.

Currently accepting new clients by referral only

As a Visionary Woman, you are

  • Living your purpose and passion out loud, mentoring and coaching others to meet their highest potential

  • Intuitive, awake, connected to Source, and on a journey to raise collective consciousness

  • Dedicated to ongoing Self-discovery at a Soul level for healing and embodiment of more of your love and divinity

  • Taking radical responsibility for your journey and ascension because you know that's the only way to lasting transformation (bye-bye Victimhood)

  • Owning your power and magnificence and sharing it with the world without guilt, shame or apology

As a Visionary you want to further:

  • Discover your new way forward in life and work

  • Release any limiting beliefs, blocks and habits that are holding you back from claiming your full truth and living up to your full potential

  • Build consistency in your daily practices, rituals and embodied way of Being that welcomes more ease and abundance

  • Experience fewer highs and lows in your energy and moods by anchoring into a Soulful set of practices that help you sustain your path to ascension

  • Take less physical time to create, receive and experience more of what you want

You're ready for a coach who:

  • Is a limitless channel to Source

  • Can meet you at your level of awareness to help and support you through deeper expansion and transformation

  • Will empower you to rise even further on your journey to your next level of awesome

  • Sees you, gets you, accepts you without judgment and will hold you in the highest vibration of love through your Soulful evolution

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As a Master, I can help you

An international Soul Coach and Channel since 2013, I’ve guided thousands of Soul sessions helping conscious leaders create more joy, love, peace, abundance, inspiration, freedom and limitlessness in their personal and professional lives.

With Source & Spirit, I’ve helped my clients step even deeper into their purpose with more passion, creativity, inspiration, clarity and boldness.

We've equipped them with knowledge, guidance and tools to claim more of their power, magnificence and truth as leaders here to change the world.

Resulting in even more transformative leadership abilities, and more expansive and authentic relationships.

Together we've formed powerful partnerships that elevated them to their next level of embodiment of their true Selves that they’d been desiring and dreaming of.

Are you ready to meet your next level of awesome?

Currently accepting new clients by referral only


Instantly I started to feel the walls come down and sink into deeper trust…I started to notice how difficult I was making my life by operating in my mind…I’ve connected with so many messages from Source that have allowed me to live in the place of joy…my relationships have expanded, my love with my partner is much more open…everything feels more peaceful and more joyful…

Robyn Savage
Robyn Savage

Lorraine creates an energetic space of pure love and divine connection that transforms me every time to an even deeper connection to my own inner wisdom. She's a Master for Masters.

Lindsay Sukornyk
Lindsay Sukornyk

When you work with Lorraine, you get so much more than you might imagine or recognize. Not only do you get her robust union with Spirit, You get her Connection, her Love, her Acceptance, her Willingness, her Compassion, her Strength, her Joy and her Knowing of You as a Divine Being – Limitless and Free! These qualities and her free gift of them are priceless.

John Mark Stroud
John Mark Stroud

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