Have you ever worried about losing relationships as you continue your spiritual awakening?

I did.

I remember years ago when I was still studying spirituality, I read something that said “you’ll lose friends on this journey”.

Yikes! That upset me.

I’m a very loyal person and the thought of losing relationships scared me.

At the time, one particular friend came to mind.

We’d been friends for over 30 years but she wasn’t supportive of my spiritual journey or career as a spirit channeler.

I was determined to hang onto this friendship so I didn’t share what was going on in my business or on my journey as I continued to deepen my spiritual consciousness.

Once I started experiencing my true essence – my Soul and it’s power and magnificence, I started to make choices that served me.

I gave up giving in to please others. I gave up hiding my truth.

This didn’t go over well with this particular friend.

Not surprising really, as I had been hiding my true Self, my true feelings and desires for so long in the hopes of getting along.

I was angry at first when the relationship ended.

“How could this person not like who I’ve become? I do!”

But that didn’t last long when I sat with it. I got the gift that I’d been released from a relationship that didn’t serve me.

I grieved the loss for a while, too.

That’s normal. We’re all human and experience human emotions.

What I came to realize though, was that what I grieved, was what I thought the relationship was – not what it actually was. I hadn’t been true to mySelf in it and it wasn’t healthy.

Once I realized that, I was okay that it had ended.

At the same time, my other relationships – with friends and family – got deeper.

Not that everyone understood or understands my spiritual journey!

But as I’d been my authentic self with them and got even more real in sharing my feelings and what I wanted, the relationships got stronger.

And they started sharing more of themselves with me!

Now, some family members don’t get it at all, but they’re supportive of me even without understanding.

Other family members are totally on board and coming along in their own unique ways.

And the friends I have are eager to know more and support me. And share their own awakenings with me.

This week Stephen leads you to deepen your own consciousness and find out who’s supporting you on your journey.

PLUS, you’ll discover more of your own truth and power.

PLUS, Mary Magdalene and Jesus show up with a message for you, too.

It’s a big week!

Watch the video to discover more hope, truth and power for yourSelf.


What did you discover?

Who’s supporting you?

What truth did you find?

How did your power feel?

Please share below the video.

And I wonder how Mary’s three pillars will unfold for you going forward?