We all want to reach new levels of awareness on our journey, don’t we?

But sometimes we ignore the elephant in the room that may be preventing us from opening up to a new level of consciousness.

I know I have been.

When I played with this exercise a few weeks ago as I channeled it, my elephant was HUGE!

I was ignoring the decision to totally let go of channeling sessions to focus solely on my S.E.L.F. program.

I knew I’d be disappointing people which I hate doing.

But, once I faced this elephant and made the decision to let go of channeling sessions, I got a deeper insight.

I couldn’t teach S.E.L.F.: Your Soul Experience – guiding people to access their own ability, power and freedom to realign into their Soul awareness and get all the wisdom that’s available to them on their own  – and keep offering a service that fosters dependency on me to provide that info.

That release of my elephant brought me to this new knowing and deeper awareness. And more joy as result.

What might releasing your elephant bring you?

If you want to know, watch the video to find out.

What’s your elephant about?

How might you approach releasing it?

Let me know in the comments below the video.