Personal Light Code (PLC) for Physical Awakening $499 USD


Unlock your DNA to speed up and support your ascension.


A Personal Light Code (PLC) is a genetic code channeled from Source specifically for you to activate your DNA in order to help your physical body calibrate to your highest Self and support your ascension.

Your PLC supports your mission on Earth as an enlightened leader to bring you into closer physical alignment with your whole, true Self - elevating your life and leadership.

Your body will release density and feel lighter as your physical self rises to meet your Soul’s mission.

Let’s be honest…

  • You desire to meet your highest potential
  • You aren't here to play small
  • You know that your human can limit your Soul's evolution
  • You came here to change the frequency of the collective - and your Personal Light Code is here to support you on your radical mission.

Your mission requires a strength of will and purpose that goes beyond your physical body, but in order for your physical body to carry out your mission, it requires support.

One of the ways to support your body is to help it adapt at a cellular level in order to ease the burden of your mission on your physical body and energy. To make giving your gifts to the world easier.

Source wants to support you on your mission by providing Light codes that unlock your DNA and support your physical body.

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Your PLC will:

  • Unlock your DNA in a painless and harmless way in order for you to hold more of your eternal nature and all its knowing and wisdom so that you can access it more readily and easily

  • Support the growth of your ability to give your gifts to the world

  • Support your physical body to hold and radiate more of your Light by helping it transform in molecular structure to become less dense

  • Give you a visceral boost in your physical body and energy each time you use it

With your PLC, you’ll:

  • Feel instant expansion of your consciousness and in your physical body

  • Feel lighter and freer in movement and more energized

  • Be able to bring forward more of your divine wisdom for yourself and others to uplift your levels of joy, peace, love and abundance

  • Radiate more of your Light into the world, drawing those to you who need your magic

  • Open up channels and pathways in your physical body that will allow you to know more, see more and hold more

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What to expect during a PLC session:

During our live session, I’ll channel Source and create your Personal Light Code as you watch. As your DNA is unique to you, the Light code I’ll channel for you will be specific to you and like no one else’s.

Simultaneously, I’ll channel Source’s messages about what you’re currently experiencing, how to be with that, and to also support your highest need in the moment.

You'll also get a personalized ritual and/or practice for your code to use after our session to support and amplify your physical body and your ascension.

Once our session is complete, I’ll send you a pdf copy of your PLC to print and a recording of Source’s message for you to keep.

Are you ready to be physically activated to support your next level of greatness as an enlightened leader?

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