Remember sitting in school as a kid and feeling like you had ants in your pants cause you just wanted to go out and play?

What was it you couldn’t wait to play? Who was it you played with? For me it was freeze tag with Larry, Ken, Mark and Darlene. (Yep, I was a tomboy.)

Ah, the sheer joy of playing.

Getting caught up in the moment. Being silly and not caring. Laughing til your stomach hurt. Having fun with your friends.

When is the last time you played just for fun?

Been a while? Stephen and Jesus want to change that. They’ve come dressed up for the occasion and the game they play might surprise you.


What are you going to play? Who are you going to play with? I’m going to play chase with my nieces. Makes me laugh every time.

Don’t wait to create your own joy and laughter.

Please share that joy and laughter with the rest of us below by telling us what you played.