S.E.L.F.: Your Soul Experience Diy Program


S.E.L.F.: Your Soul Experience shows you how to harness the power and magnificence of your Soul so you can live confidently, purposefully & joyfully every day – no matter what arises.

  • Six modules (24 videos) released over 6 weeks that guide you to connect and explore 6 aspects of your Soul
  • ​Includes 6 guided bonus videos
  • ​ 6 help sheets to assist you outside the modules
  • ​Downloadable Mp3 recordings of Spirit guided Soul sessions to keep forever

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Your own unique spiritual enlightenment experience that’s easy, fun and sustainable. Over 12 weeks, Spirit & I will guide you live, to connect, explore and experience your Soul.
  • Explore Your Limitlessness: Feel this aspect of your Soul so you can release beliefs that limit your joy, peace, creativity and confidence.
  • Discover Your Power: Tap into your Soul’s power to discover your true strength, purpose, and know unlimited self-confidence in any situation
  • Find True Freedom: Explore this Soul aspect to live your life free of barriers that may hold you back from the life you want.
  • Play with Joy: Dive deep into joy – your true nature! – so you can feel it every day, without searching for it. Even when you’re angry, sad, frustrated upset, etc.
  • Know Your Magnificence: Discover how unique you truly are, how loved & how worthy so that self-confidence, boldness, and self-acceptance grow in your daily life.
  • Connect to the Oneness: Join with other Souls, Spirit & Source to feel your place in the Oneness so you can experience infinite love whenever you want and never feel lonely again and access the wisdom the Oneness offers to help you make decisions.

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